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Offering the highest quality meats since 2017



Years ago I was lamenting to a good friend how I missed the daily routine of working cattle on horseback and my intrigue with the grass finished beef I had enjoyed in other regions of the world. He suggested I go over the mountain and purchase a few young steers from his farm.  I did, the next day.


That grew from 8 steers to over 125 annually. I encountered a number of hard knocks as a woman in the cattle and meat business. The combination of perseverance and a true willingness to listen and learn from my vast mentors gave the foothold to this endeavor. Having been born into the cattle business and spent a lifetime working with cattle, that part was natural. Re-learning how to build soils, forages and give to the land was essential. Creating a quality, fat, all grass finished beef carcass is a bit of wizardry, art, and just plain paying attention to nature and how our cattle are responding.  The outcomes are not as controlled as a grain finished carcass. Our dance with nature is the finite love affair that creates what you taste when you bite into our beef.


Our early days of marketing found us at Farm Markets and doing a lot of home deliveries. We expanded to an On Farm Market filling two dozen freezers while expanding to selling product from other farms.  Our business working with restaurants began with Chef Robert Wong, a great friend and mentor. As time grew, so did our line of products, customer base and demand. I loved visiting markets in various places of the world and the meat markets had captivated me since early childhood. It was time to put the knife in my own hands, and so it happened that the door of meat art opened to me.  The incorporation of my love of land and raising great beef was now even more intimate. What an amazing feeling, to know the entire life of that animal, who is now feeding our customers and business.


I decided to purchase our Meat Market property in 2017. My son, Everett, stepped in bringing his culinary experience and life of knowing our farm, beef and marketing. With a passion for food and travel Everett frequently goes on reconnaissance missions to bring back the flavors of far flung places. I could not imagine doing this without him as my business partner. He has inspired our line of prepared foods from dishes he’s experienced while traveling abroad. Everett is always happy to share recipes and advice with our customers and friends. Together we keep our smoker busy, always reaching for new flavors and methods or curing.


 Stop in and visit, our team is a group of vibrant, innovative craftspeople that make what we have unique and full of life.  Our “meat art” is for you to enjoy!




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